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Check out the following links for more information and fun with mazes!

***The Labyrinth***-computer maze

1,000's of Perplexing Paper & Pencil Puzzles for Publication-similar to a paper maze

AMaze Game-java applet actual game

a-Maze-ing -maze art

Apple ][ Classic Games Page -images of games, inc. Ms. Pacman

Breckenridge Human Maze

counting mazes -part of mazes and mathematics page- math related

CS538: Programming Assignment 1 CS assignment to make a maze

Damien's maze, the amazing maze-maze in the page

Etch A Sketch Magic Screen Machine CD-ROM -new cdrom game contains mazes

Glenn Teitelbaum's Maze-computer mazes

House of Cruelty -human maze -maze thing in a foreign language

Instructions: Ms. Pac-Man-self explainatory

Pac-Man(Netscape 2.0 needed)

Making Mephistophelean mazes-making mazes

MANIC MAZE!-computer maze

Marvelous Marble Mazes -not a maze, a kid's activity

Maze-review about a CDROM about mazes

Maze Generation-ro response

Maze Generator Form-creates a maze and shows its a solution (2-D) "paper"

Mazes-creates a maze, gives a solution also

MAZES-discusses a travelling exhibit w/ a real walk through maze

Mazes-Hands On Children's Museum-a page of paper-like mazes

Mazes and Mathematics-mazes in relation with mathematics, lots of info

MOST MAZES Exhibit-more info o the MAZES exhibit

Near the Labyrinth-a computer hedge maze

PeterCat's Maze of Treasures-maze of URL's

Pit of Peril-computer maze

Postscript Mazes-creates postscript mazes

Rock Bridge High School-info on a high school using mazes to test learning

The Amazing Maze-java maze applet

The Cyber Maze-go through a maze to get to sites on a page

The Maze-computer maze, no graphics

The Maze-

The Maze Room- computer maze, overhead view

The World Wide Maze-computer maze, hedge style(but through a "house"

Welcome To MWAEZBE! (MAZE+WEB)-computer maze

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