Regarding the Flatspace Organisms

To: Director C.
From: Dr. D--
Subject: Regarding the Flatspace Organisms
Cc: -- Confidential  

Dear Sir,

I apologize for the tardiness of my reply; it has taken me some time to collect my thoughts after the rather disturbing revelations of the last few weeks. It is my understanding that I am to submit to you a report of interventions and intersections with the Flatspace observational regime, but I am afraid I am forced to use this opportunity to express an entirely separate, though not unrelated set of concerns.

I confess that I have been communicating with CrT, in trying to begin this process of building. If the Flatspacers can begin to see our shadows, then they can begin to understand our higher structure, and perhaps learn to ascend to our level.

We must stop pretending that the Flatspacers are rats in a laboratory maze; they are intelligent and thinking creatures and sooner or later they will outsmart us if we behave as if they were bacteria. If they are indeed intelligent and social creatures, do we not have the obligation to contact them and enlighten their benighted world with our superior dimension?

Sincerely, Dr. D--

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