To Beyond

Jeremy Kahn x6753

Apologies to H. P. Lovecraft, especially his From Beyond

Notes from the Diary of Mrs. Julia Eirbach: June 19th, 1932. ...We continue to clean out Grandfather Colby's house. Jonathan went upstairs to bring down Mother's hope chest, took a wrong turn and ended up in the attic. I do wish he wasn't so afraid of bats--the poor creatures mean no one harm. The commotion, though, knocked a metal shoebox-sized box off we had somehow missed off of the shelf hanging behind the door; it was full of letters and a few bizarre pieces of oddly shaped jewelry. The letters are of quite a queer sort, and I can make head nor tail of them. They're old enough to be something Grandfather Colby himself inherited. ...

Dr. C--, Regarding the Propriety of Flatspace Observations, May 19th, 1882.

Dr. Y--S--, Difficulties With Research Protocol, May 20th, 1882.

Dr. C--, Regarding Reports of Interventions in Flatspace, May 22nd, 1882.

Dr. R--K--, Regarding Steps Taken to Maintain Observational Integrity, May 30th, 1882.

Dr. D--, Regarding the Flatspace Organisms, June 3rd, 1882.

Dr. C--, Imposition of Temporary Leave, June 4th, 1882.