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The Artist's Comments on the Klein Bottle

This is the first image in a series of three presented at the celebration of the hundredth birthday of Prof. Dirk Struik. On September 23, 1994, at Brown University, Prof. Struik gave his own centenary lecture "Mathematicians I Have Known", and the gallery includes a photograph of him during that event. Each of the three images that were presented to Prof. Struik was developed during the summer of 1994 by teams of students working at Brown.

The second image in this sequence, a ray-traced self-intersecting Klein bottle, also refers to a sequence appearing in the continuously projected videotapes shown in the alcove of the gallery. It represent a fly-through which intersects the surface at two positions. The equations for this image were developed by David Kaplan and the renderings in the videotape, together with the soundtrack, are the work of Jeff Beall.

Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension
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