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Movies of the Klein Bottle

[Rotating Klein Bottle]

This movie shows the Klein bottle rotating around a vertical axis. Since this version of the bottle is partly transparent, you can see the interior structure as it rotates. Unfortunately, the transparency effect is not completely effective (due to the software used for this movie), so there are some unwanted effects, particularly in the second half of the movie. It does give some sense of the Klein bottle, however.

[Klein Bottle Swept Out]

This movie shows a Klein bottle being built up little by little. The sequence begins with just a small bit of the tube, and this grows out and around (forming the "handle") and then expands (forming the "bulb"). Particularly nice is the moment when the self-intersection begins to occur, as the bulb (blue) begins to slice thorough the handle (yellow) before closing up again at the other end.

See the description of movie formats and plug-ins if you are having difficulty getting these movies to play.

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