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1965 (Publication #2)
Tightly embedded 2-dimensional polyhedral manifolds

1967 (Publication #3)
Critical points and curvature for embedded polyhedra


1970 (Publication #4)
Critical points and curvature for embedded polyhedral surfaces

1970 (Publication #5)
Non-rigidity theorems for tight polyhedral tori


1970 (Publication #6)
Periodic points of Anosov diffeomorphisms (with Michael I. Rosen)


1970 (Publication #7)
The spherical two piece property and tight surfaces in spheres


1970 (Publication #8)
Total central curvature of curves


1971 (Publication #9)
Applications of elementary calculus: Eight lectures in an NSF Sponsored Conference for College Teachers of Mathematics

1971 (Publication #10)
High codimensional 0-tight mappings on spheres


1971 (Publication #11)
On a generalization of the isoperimetric inequality (with William Pohl)


1971 (Publication #12)
Polyhedral Catastrophe I: Maps of the Line to the Line

1971 (Publication #13)
The two-piece property and tight n-manifolds-with-boundary in E^n


1974 (Publication #14)
Foliations of Knot Complements in the Bicylinder Boundary


1974 (Publication #15)
Global Geometry of Polygons I: The Theorem of Fabricius-Bjerre

1974 (Publication #16)
Real Time Computer Graphics Techniques in Geometry (with Charles Strauss)


1974 (Publication #17)
Tight Polyhedral Klein Bottles, Projective Planes, and Mobius Bands


1974 (Publication #18)
Triple Points and Singularities of Projections of Smoothly Immersed Surfaces

1974 (Publication #19)
Triple Points and Surgery for Immersed Surfaces

1975 (Publication #20)
Height functions with three critical points (with Floris Takens)

1975 (Publication #21)
Stiefel-Whitney Homology Classes and Singularities of Projections for Polyhedral Manifolds


1975 (Publication #22)
The Behavior of the Total Twist and Self-Linking Number of a Closed Space Curve under Inversions (with James E. White)


1976 (Publication #23)
Minimal submanifolds of the Bicylinder Boundary


1976 (Publication #24)
Self-Linking Numbers of Space Polygons


1977 (Publication #25)
Immersions and Mod 2 Quadratic Forms (with Lou Kauffman)

1977 (Publication #26)
Whitney Duality and Singularities of Projections (with Clint McCrory)


1978 (Publication #27)
Computer Animation and the Geometry of Surfaces in 3- and 4-Space


1978 (Publication #28)
Real-Time Computer Graphics Analysis of Figures in Four-Space (with Charles Strauss)


1979 (Publication #29)
Combinatorial Formula for Normal Stiefel-Whitney Classes (with Clint McCrory)

1979 (Publication #30)
Selected Papers in Geometry (Edited by Ann Stehney, Tilla Milnor, Joseph D'Atri and Thomas Banchoff)


1980 (Publication #31)
Double Tangency Theorems for Pairs of Submanifolds


1980 (Publication #32)
Sur les points paraboliques des surfaces: erratum et complements (with Rene Thom)


1981 (Publication #33)
Every Sphere Eversion has a Quadruple Point (with Nelson Max)


1981 (Publication #34)
Geometrical Class and Degree for Surfaces in Three-Space (with N. Kuiper)


1982 (Publication #35)
Cusps of Gauss Mappings (with T. Gaffney and C. McCrory)


1982 (Publication #36)
DIAL: A Diagrammatic Animation Language (with S. Feiner and D. Salesin)

1982 (Publication #37)
Frenet Frames and Theorem of Jacobi and Milnor for Space Polygons


1983 (Publication #38)
Circular and Countercircular Images of Plane Curves (with E. Beckenbach)


1983 (Publication #39)
Computer Graphics in Geometric Research


1983 (Publication #40)
Critical points and curvature for embedded polyhedra II


1983 (Publication #41)
Linear Algebra Through Geometry (with J. Wermer)


1983 (Publication #42)
The Nine-Vertex Complex Projective Plane (with W. Kühnel)


1984 (Publication #43)
Differential Geometry and Computer Graphics


1984 (Publication #44)
La Quarta Dimensio i Salvador Dali


1984 (Publication #45)
Normal Curvatures and Euler Classes for Polyhedral Surfaces in 4-Space


1985 (Publication #46)
Counting Tritangent Planes of Space Curves (with T. Gaffney and C. McCrory)


1986 (Publication #47)
Computer Graphics and Differential Geometry: Because the Light is Better over Here.


1986 (Publication #48)
Topology and Mechanics with Computer Graphics: Linear Hamiltonian Systems in Four Dimensions (with H. Koçak, F. Bisshopp and D. Laidlaw)


1986 (Publication #49)
Visualizing Two-Dimensional Phenomena in Four-Dimensional Space


1987 (Publication #50)
DGE: The Educational Geometry Environment (with Richard Schwartz)

1987 (Publication #51)
Discovering the Fourth Dimension


1987 (Publication #52)
Global Theorems for Symmetry Sets of Smooth Curves and Polygons in the Plane (with Peter Giblin)


1988 (Publication #53)
Torus Decompositions of Regular Polytopes in 4-Space


1989 (Publication #54)
Keys to Improved Instruction (with the Committee on Teaching Assistants and Part-Time Instructors)

1990 (Publication #55)
Beyond the Third Dimension

1990 (Publication #56)
From Flatland to Hypergraphics: Interacting with Higher Dimensions


1990 (Publication #57)
Geometry of the Hopf Mapping and Pinkall's Tori of Given Conformal Type Computers in Geometry


1990 (Publication #58)
Student Generated Interactive Software for Calculus of Surfaces in a Workstation Laboratory (with student associates)


1990 (Publication #59)
The Fourth Dimension


1991 (Publication #60)
Computer Graphics Tools for Rendering Algebraic Surfaces and the Geometry of Order Geometric Analysis and Computer Graphics


1991 (Publication #61)
Computer Laboratory Magnification of Idiosyncrasies


1991 (Publication #62)
Dimensions On the Shoulders of Giants


1991 (Publication #63)
Flatland: A New Introduction


1991 (Publication #64)
Investigating Volumes: The Air France Cup Geometry's Future


1991 (Publication #65)
Linear Algebra Through Geometry (with J. Wermer)


1991 (Publication #66)
Student-Generated Software for Differential Geometry (with Jeff Achter, Rashid Ahmad, Cassidy Curtis, Curtis Hendrickson, Greg Siegle and Matthew Stone)


1992 (Publication #67)
Equilibrium Triangulations of the Complex Projective Plane (with Wolfgang Kühnel)


1992 (Publication #68)
Illustrating Beyond the Third Dimension (with Davide Cervone)


1992 (Publication #69)
With Coxeter at the International Congress on Mathematics


1993 (Publication #70)
Euler Numbers, Complex Points and Singularities of Projections for Oriented Surfaces in Four-Space (with F. Farris)


1993 (Publication #71)
ODE on a Grecian Urn


1993 (Publication #72)
Symmetry Sets of Piecewise Circular Curves (with Peter Giblin)


1993 (Publication #73)
Tangential and Normal Euler Numbers, Complex Points, and Singularities of Projections for Oriented Surfaces in Four-Space (with Frank Farris)


1994 (Publication #74)
Interactive Computer Graphics, Higher Dimensional Geometry, and Electronic Publication: From Flatland to Hypertext


1994 (Publication #75)
On the Geometry of Piecewise Circular Curves (with Peter Giblin)

1996 (Publication #76)
Beyond the Third Dimension

1996 (Publication #77)
Secrets of My Success


1996 (Publication #78)
The Best Homework Ever?

1997 (Publication #79)
Geometry in Curvature Theory


1997 (Publication #80)
Remembering Nicolaas Kuiper


1997 (Publication #81)
Tight Submanifolds, Smooth and Polyhedral (with Wolfgang Kuhnel)

1998 (Publication #82)
Normal Euler Class and Singularities of Projections for Polyhedral Surfaces in Four-Space (with Ockle Johnson)


1999 (Publication #83)
An Interactive Gallery on the Internet: Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension (with Davide Cervone)

2000 (Publication #84)
Children as Mathematicians and Mathematicians as Children


2000 (Publication #85)
Math Awareness Month 2000: an Interactive Experience (with Davide Cervone)

2000 (Publication #86)
Osculating Tubes and Self-Linking Numbers of Curves on the Three-Sphere

2001 (Publication #87)
Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences in 2010: What Should a Graduate Know?

2002 (Publication #88)
Bridging the Divide: Research vs. Practice in Contemporary Mathematics Teaching and Learning (with Anita Salem)

2002 (Publication #89)
Computer Graphics in Mathematical Research, From ICM 1978 to ICM 2002: A Personal Reflection

2002 (Publication #90)
Midpoint Polygons Revisited on the Internet (with Stephen Canon, et. al.)

2002 (Publication #91)
Virtual Reconstruction of a Virtual Exhibit (with Davide Cervone)

2003 (Publication #92)
Complementary Coffee Cups


2003 (Publication #93)
The Power of Liberal Arts in the Mathematics Curriculum


2003 (Publication #94)
Twice as Old - Again