{Animals} : starfish

One can find many examples of the Fibonacci sequence and related mathematical patterns in animals.  For example, the Fibonacci sequence has been used to describe the patterns of reproduction in populations of rabbits and bees.  Also, the different spiral shapes of seashells display the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio in beautiful ways.

A simple example is the starfish, the body of which displays the Fibonacci number 5.  The regular pentagon shape of the starfish also exhibits the Golden Ratio.

starfish starfish image

The Golden Ratio can also be applied to the human body, defining the proportions of human faces and limbs.  These rules of proportionality and the Golden Ratio are often used by artists to create realistic images of humans, as well as to design architecture and compose artwork that is pleasing to the eye.  Many artists have been inspired by mathematical patterns, and some have even created art specifically about the Fibonacci sequence.

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