TAGS 2011 Poster Session

Saturday, April 23, 5:00-7:00 PM, in Herman Brown Hall

Conformal Blocks and Rational Normal Curves, Noah Giansiracusa, Brown

FJRW Quantum Singularity Theory and the Landau Ginzburg Mirror Symmetry Conjecture, Amanda Francis, BYU

Normal Bundle of Rational Curves and the Waring's Problem, Alessandro Bernardi, Firenze

Divisorial models on non-Q-Gorenstein varieties, Stefano Urbinati, University of Utah

Subspace varieties and signal processing, after DeLauthauwer, Ming Yang, Texas A&M

The stabilizer of immanants, Ke Ye, Texas A&M

Representation of Cohomology of Hilbert Schemes of Points on K3 Surfaces, Letao Zhang, Rice

Big q-Ample Line Bundles, Morgan Brown, Berkeley

Analytic varieties with finite volume amoebas are algebraic, Mounir Nisse, Texas A&M

Using a Bivariate Sparse Resultant to Find the Singularities of Rational Space Curves, Xiaoran Shi, USTC/Rice

When are smooth rational surfaces log Fano and/or Mori Dream?, Benjamin Waters, Rice

Secants of Grassmannians and Lagrangian Grassmannians, Ada Boralevi, Texas A&M

Rational point on K3 surfaces over complex function fields, Zhiyuan Li, Rice