Brown University Geometry/Topology Seminar, Fall 2021

The seminar meets Wednesdays 3-4.
This year it will probably be a mixture of live talks and zoom talks.
The live talks will be in Kassar 105.

Rich Schwartz (
Bena Tshishiku (

Current Schedule

  • Feb 16: Lei Chen (University of Maryland and ICERM) actions of Homeo and Diffeo on manifolds
  • Feb 23:
  • Mar 2: Rich Schwartz (Brown) Pentagram rigidity and Lagrangian foliations
  • Mar 9: Siddhi Krishna (Columbia and ICERM) Taut Foliations and Braid Positivity
  • Mar 16: Moira Chas (Stony Brook) How several tantalizing patterns about closed curves on surfaces were discovered and how theorems confirming some of those patterns were proved
  • Mar 23: Tina Torkaman (Harvard) The equidistribution of the intersection points on finite volume hyperbolic surfaces
  • Mar 30: SPRING BREAK
  • Apr 6: Franco Vargas Palette (Yale) On the Weil-Petersson gradient flow of renormalized volume
  • Apr 13: Biji Wong (Max Planck and ICERM) Double branched covers of links, signatures, and invariants from Haegard Floer theory
  • Apr 20: Peter Feller (ETH Zurich and ICERM) On the length of knots on a Heegaard surface of a 3-manifold
  • Apr 27: Georgios Daskalopoulos (Brown) Best Lipschitz maps and Geometric Laminations
  • May 4:
  • May 11: Athanase Papadopoulos (Strasbourg) Maps between surfaces