Brown University Geometry/Topology Seminar, Fall 2019

The seminar meets Wednesdays 3-4 in Kassar 105. Current Schedule:

  • Sept 11: Sunrose Shrestha (Tufts) : Statistics of square-tiled surfaces abstract
  • Sept 18: no talk (ICERM has a geometry/topology workshop this week.)
  • Sept 25: no talk
  • Oct 2: Steve Trettel (ICERM/Stanford) Familiesof Geometries and Geometric Transitions
  • Oct 9: Nick Salter (Columbia): Higher Spin Mapping Class Groups and Their Applications abstract
  • Oct 16: Jason Manning (ICERM/Cornell) Groups acting improperly on cube complexes abstract
  • Oct 23: Luca Capogna (WPI) Quasi-symmetric mappings and Sub-Riemannian metrics
  • Oct 30: Samuel Lelievre (ICERM/Orsay) Periodic billiard paths, Veech surfaces...
  • Nov 6: Corey Bregman (Brandeis) : Surface Bundles and Complex Projective Varieties abstract
  • Nov 13: Greg McShane (ICERM/Grenoble) Isometry classes of surfaces with boundary abstract
  • Nov 20: Henry Segerman (ICERM/OSU) : From Veering Triangulations to pseudo-Anosov flows abstract
  • Nov 27: no talk
  • Dec 4: David Dumas (ICERM/UIC) Experimental Study of a Meromorphic Analogue of Teichmuller space abstract
  • Dec 11: