Math 8: The Mathematical Way of Thinking

Mr. Banchoff.

The course treats topics in the geometry of four and higher dimensions, related to different parts of mathematics as well as interrelations with physical and biological sciences, literature, cognitive science, philosophy, and art. There are substantial writing assignments and final projects, involving mathematical and non-mathematical topics. There are no prerequisites.

Class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-2:50pm. It is in exam group 7.

Conferencing System

We have found what appears to be an adequate conferencing system. You can start to look at it now; a more complete set of discussion areas will be available in the next few days. Instructions will also be forthcoming. If you want to experiment now, please use the Sandbox conference.

Having problems submitting your responses??? Send E-Mail to David Akers or Jeremy Kahn.

Online Books:


Technical Help and Information

NOTE: These pages are now located at

NOTE: There are changes to the Information Sheet and Login Procedure. Please reread for new information. (Changes made 2/2, 5 PM)

Papers for this class should be written using HTML, and then placed onto the Math8 server, so they can be read by all students in the class over the WWW.

The Appleshare file server is STG WWW2, in the brn_STG zone. Your username is firstname_lastname, and the password will be given out in class. You can also connect to the fileserver using ftp from a non-Mac computer. Just ftp to, and use the same username and password as above. The only folder you will have permissions to in either case is your own.

** All files were moved from the appleshare server www2 to the UNIX server on swansong as of summer '96.

There are instructions if you need help with HTML, or with logging into the file server. There is also a template document if you want to copy its format for your own papers.