Regarding the Propriety of Flatspace Observations

To: Field Survey Team, Flatspace Division (Y--S--, D--, R--K--)
From: Director C.
Subject: Regarding the Propriety of Flatspace Observations
cc: Directors Dagon, Ia

Dear Sirs,

I write this only in last desperation that the usual channels through our organization can serve to remind ourselves and each other of our strict methodological restriction to non-intervention in our observations. These creatures are completely alien to us, and we have absolutely no idea how they would react to our appearance in their limited realm. Rumors of direct intersection with the Flatspace, and most specifically with the Flatspace cultures of intelligence have, at least to my knowledge, no support, but if such rumors persist we are likely, as little as we may like it, to receive sanction and possibly lose funding.

Regards, Director C--

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