Regarding Difficulties with Research Protocol

To: Director C.
From: Dr. Y--S--
Subject: Regarding Difficulties with Research Protocol
Cc: Drs. D--, RK

Dear Sir,

Flatspace observation continues, as you know, sir, with every effort on my part to maintain the sort of noninterference policy that you describe and the Academy demands. The younger members of the team (especially D--) have expressed some concern to me that they believe the Flatspacers to be intelligent, but we have reached a consensus among ourselves that we are to continue our observations; surely creatures limited to so few dimensions could not house intelligence such as our own. (I am so sure that DD has come around to this point of view that I am happy--no, eager--to copy this letter to him).

However, this is not to say that the rumors of interventions are completely unfounded. I am afraid that RK has informed me that, on only one occasion, she had to intervene on the behalf of the integrity of the observation. No permanent harm was done to the Flatspacers under observation, though the reaction that D-- identifies as "surprise/fear" was evident. I will encourage the two of them to submit reports of their interventions.

Your Humble Servant, Dr. Y--S--

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