Math 52

time/place: Tu-Th 10:30-11:50 Barus&Holley Room 163

instuctor: Prof. Rich Schwartz

my office hours: W 11-12 Kassar 302

course summary: This is a basic course on linear algebra:
linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, dimension,
bases, linear transformations, inner products, and so on.

text: Elementary Linear Algebra (9th ed.) by Howard Anton

grading: Your grade is based on 4 components:
  • homework: 25%
  • midterm 1: 25%
  • midterm 2: 25%
  • final exam: 25%

    homework: I will assign homework each Thursday
    and collect it the following Thursday. I won't accept late HW.
    Click here for the assignments.

    syllabus: I plan to cover roughly the first 8
    chapters in Anton's book (but quickly breezing past Ch. 3.)
    Click here for a week-by-week account of the topics.

    midterm info
    second midterm: tue, Nov 7
    click here for the practice exam 1
    click here for solutions to practice exam 1
    click here for practice exam 2 (both problems and solutions)