Math 0100
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  • Final exam: Thurs Mar 10, 2-5, MacMillan 117

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    Important Note: This class has 4 sections, but
    this website only covers information relevent to the 3 of
    the 4 sections. If you are taking Prof. Landman's course,
    you should get your course information from him.

    Instructors: TA Sections
    1. Th. 9:00-10:20 B&H 163 (Dale Winter, KH18)
    2. Th. 9:00-10:20 B&H 160 (Wade Hindes)
    3. Th. 4:00-5:20 B&H 163 (Wade Hindes)
    4. Th. 4:00-5:20 B&H 165 (Tom Belulovich|Office Hours: Wed 2-4, KH17)
    5. Th. 6:30-7:50 B&H 163 (Dale Winter)
    6. Th. 6:30-7:50 B&H 153 (Tom Belulovich)
    7. We. 4:00-5:20 B&H 165 (Dmitrios Moirogiannis)
    8. We. 6:30-7:50 B&H 163 (Dmitrios Moirogiannis)
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    course summary
    This is a course on several areas of calculus.
    The main topics are techniques of integration, applications
    of the integral, differential equations, and sequences/series.

    text: Stewart, Single Variable Calculus , 7th edition

    grading Your grade will be based on 5 components: homework We will post the homework assignment
    each week (here) by Monday morning. We will not accept any late HW. If you have a legitimate
    excuse for missing an assignment, you will be given a "blank"
    for the assignment, and this assignment will not count towards
    your HW grade. In any event, you can drop your lowest HW score.

    You are allowed to discuss HW problems with your classmates
    but your write-up must be your own. You can't consult with
    anything but your own notes when you write up your HW. A good
    rule of thumb is that you should be prepared to fully explain any
    written work you have turned in should one of us ask you.

    quizzes The TAs will give weekly quizzes. In order to
    encourage you to come talk to them, the TAs are adopting
    The 70% rule : If you bomb a quiz, you can get up to half the
    missed points back if you talk to the TA and demonstrate that
    you know how to correctly do the problem. However, the highest
    score you are allowed with this method is 70%.