Dan Abramovich

Trieste summer school, ICTP, September 2002

Here are preliminary transparencies for lectures:
here is the paper "Algebraic Orbifold Quantum products", by Tom Graber, Angelo Vistoli and me, on which the course is based. In postscript or dvi

A hopefully reasonable introduction for part 1 is in Complete moduli for families over semistable curves, written by Angelo Vistoli and me.

The work of Weimin Chen and Yongbin Ruan:
A New Cohomology Theory for Orbifold, Orbifold Quantum Cohomology, and Orbifold Gromov-Witten Theory

The paper Orbifold cohomology for global quotients by Barbara Fantechi and Lothar Goettsche

The paper Orbifold Cohomology of the Symmetric Product by Bernardo Uribe