Math 154

time/place: Tu-Th 1:00-2:40 Barus&Holley Room 161
instuctor: Prof. Rich Schwartz
my office hours: F10-12

course summary: This is a course mainly on the theory of fields, especially Galois Theory. There will also be a component on elliptic curves, and possibly a bit about error-correcting codes.

text: Topics in Algebra (2nd ed.) by I.N. Herstein
I'll also photocopy a few chapters out rational points on elliptic curves by J. Silverman and J. Tate

grading: Your grade is based on 3 components:
  • homework: 30%
  • midterm: 30%
  • final exam: 40%

    homework: I will assign homework each Tuesday
    and collect it the following Tuesday. No late HW.
    Click here for the assignments.
    list of topics: notes