Math 1230

time/place: Tu-Th 2:30-3:50 Barus&Holley 158
instuctor: Prof. Rich Schwartz
my office hours: W 11-12, Th 4-5
midterm: Wed 23 March, 6-9 PM (room TBA)

course summary: This is an upper level course on graph theory. The class will cover some classic theorems in graph theory and also discuss connections to other areas of mathematics such as geometry, group theory, topology, and probability.

text: Introduction to Graph Theory (2nd ed.) by Douglas B. West

grading: Your grade is based on 3 components:
  • homework: 30%
  • in-class midterm: 30%
  • in-class final exam: 40%
    The exams will be somewhat unusual in that I will reserve a lot of time for them, like 3-4 hours each, so as to give you plenty of time to do it. I don't want give a take-home exam with such a big class but on the other hand I don't want there to be time pressure on the exams.

    homework: I will assign homework each Tuesday
    and collect it the following Tuesday. No late HW.
    Click here for the assignments.

    course syllabus: To some extent I will follow the book, but not in order. When a topic is not covered in the book, I'll write notes about it. If the syllabus runs out before the end of the class, I'll fill in with some of the additional topics mentioned at the end.