Math 2710M

instructor: Prof. Rich Schwartz

when/where: ICERM Main Lecture Room Tu-Th 10:30-11:50

summary: This is a graduate topics class on geometric structures.
The main idea of the class is to talk about topics
which will be present in the ICERM semester program.
The other main idea is to talk about material
I can present without too much preparation.

texts: None, though I'll mention sources throughout
the class, and sometimes supply notes. See below.

grading: undergraduates cannot take this for a grade.
For everyone else, I'll check your pulse at
the end of the term and give you an A if you are still alive.

qual credit: If you want qual credit, complete the assignments given here. There are 2 assignments.
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  • Mobius maps take circles to circles
  • Hadamard's Theorem
  • My book Mostly Surfaces has two chapters at the end on Teichmuller theory
  • Mostow Rigidity
  • Notes on Heisenberg Space
  • My monograph on spherical CR geometry . Here is a guide to the relevant part.
  • Thurston's Shapes of Polyhedra .
  • Here are some notes I wrote about Thurston's shapes paper.
  • The Symmetric Space Associated to SL_n(R) .