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Tom Banchoff's Mathematical Artwork

The images below are linked to larger versions of the works, together with a short description of the underlying mathematics. When available, links to more detailed information, animations, or other viewpoints are included.

Z-Squared Necklace

Z-Cubed Necklace

In- and Outside the Torus

Triple-Point Twist

Klein Bottle

Steiner's Roman Surface

Z-Squared Tetraview

Z-Cubed Tetraview

Exponential Tetraview

Math Horizon

Slicing a Doughnut

Dimension Cornucopia

Computer Graphics in
Mathematical Research

B3D Cover Image

Elliptical Spotlights

Sandpile Chalice

Spindle Torus

Banded Torus

Ellipse Evolute

Circle Waves

Projection of a Sphere

Pendulum Tori

Hopf Links

Figure-8 Klein Bottle

Colored Klein Bottle

Tom has been doing groundbreaking computer graphics for more than three decades, and these examples are only a small subset of the artworks he has produced. Many of the images were created in collaboration with student assistants. Often the software involved was created by those students under Banchoff's direction.

Many of the image above are taken from one of Tom's gallery show, Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension, held originally in 1996 at the Providence Art Club, and now available as a virtual exhibit on line. More information and links to the show are available by clicking on the invitation below:

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