Dan Abramovich

Email address: abrmovic (at character) math (period) brown.edu
Address: Department of Mathematics, Brown University Box 1917, 151 Thayer Street, Providence, RI 02912.
Phones - office: 401 863-7968; department: 401 863-2708; fax: 401 863-9013.
Office 118.

Link to my cv, last updated 2015-01-12.
Link to my xxx archive papers
Link to Contributions supported by NSF and BSF.

Requests for letters of recommendation: I follow Vakil's Law. PDF documents OK, please no doc or docx.

Seminars: Algebra and Algebraic Geomety seminars, Geometry and Topology seminar

Teaching Spring 2015-2016:
Math 154, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11. Topic: Galois Theory, Representations of Finite Groups. Syllabus here. Canvas: direct link
Math 254, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1. Topic: Diophantine Geometry. Syllabus here. Canvas: direct link

Past: Fall 2015. Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Fall 2012

Conferences and workshops:
Future: mathmeetings.net
AGNES: Algebraic Geometry Northeastern Series
A celebration of Algebraic Geometry: A Conference in Honor of Joe Harris' 60th Birthday
Aspects of Moduli school and workshop (June 15-28, 2008, de Giorgi Center, Pisa)
The Seattle '05 Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry.

  • material for "logarithmic geometry and rational curves" at the Summer School 2015 of the IRTG "Moduli and Automorphic Forms", Siena .
  • IAS/Princeton Algebraic Geometry Day, April 14, 2015: Factorization of birational maps on steroids. Available also on video.
  • Artin Fans, San Francisco, October 2014, also in handout format.
  • Factorization of birational maps for qe schemes in characteristic 0, San Francisco, October 2014, also in handout format.
  • material for "logarithmic geometry and moduli" at the Sophus Lie center .
  • Birational geometry for number theorists

    Ancient links to various other summer courses and other material are available on this old page.

    Link to Kontsevich's course on deformations

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