JMM 2016: Special Session on Arithmetic Dynamics

Organizers: Matt Baker and Joe Silverman
Room 604, Washington State Convention Center

Invited Talks (Day/Time/Title)

Wednesday, January 6
Room 604, Washington State Convention Center
8:00-8:20am William Gignac A nonarchimedean approach to local holomorphic dynamics in dimension two
8:30-8:50am Clayton Petsche On the distribution of orbits in affine varieties
9:00-9:20am Robert Rumely Arithmetic Coordinates on Dynamical Moduli Space
9:30-9:50am Alon Levy Questions in higher-dimensional non-archimedean dynamics
10:00-10:20am Robert Benedetto Non-archimedean connected Julia sets with branching
10:30-10:50am Kenneth Jacobs Lyapunov Exponents in non-Archimedean Dynamics
Friday, January 8
Room 604, Washington State Convention Center
8:00-8:20am T. Alden Gassert Discriminants of iterated quadratic extensions
8:30-8:50am Michelle Manes Characterizing cyclic quartic extensions by automorphism polynomials
9:00-9:20am Rafe Jones Eventually stable rational functions
9:30-9:50am Paul Reschke Complex dynamics of birational surface maps defined over number fields
10:00-10:20am Wade Hindes The average number of integral points in orbits
10:30-10:50am Thomas Tucker Uniform boundedness for positive dimensional varieties
Saturday, January 9
Room 604, Washington State Convention Center
8:00-8:20am Hexi Ye Some applications of the Arithmetic equidistribution theorem in Complex Dynamics
8:30-8:50am Patrick Ingram Canonical heights and preperiodic points for a special class of polynomials
9:00-9:20am Sarah Koch Postcritical sets in moduli space
9:30-9:50am Holly Krieger The dynamical Andre-Oort conjecture
10:00-10:20am Benjamin Hutz Automorphism Groups and Invariant Theory on \(\mathbb{P}^N\)
10:30-10:50am ChongGyu (Joey) Lee Generalized dynamical systems, from monoid actions to homomorphisms
11:00-11:20am Bianca Thompson A very elementary proof of a conjecture of B. and M. Shapiro for cubic rational functions
11:30-11:50am Katherine Stange The dynamics of Apollonian circle packings

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